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Customized Enterprise Resource Planing software to automate process of manufacturing and processing industries with the aim of increasing operational efficiency and improving the acceptability and flow of information across all the department.

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Simple, flexible and cost effective, em-DAS is a complete Windows based Data Acquisition software product, meeting the demands of both the Manufacturing and process industries.

Data read from I/O modules can be recorded and displayed as graphical trends or processed for alarms management, generation of quality and production reports, etc.; standard format (DBF, CSV) of history files and ODBC (SQL) support ensure interface with most Windows applications such as Excel or Access.


Reports with summary information about production data or process quality or plant alarms can be generated in a pre-programmed format and can be displayed or printed or sent to any peripheral device. Reports can be either requested by the operator, or automatically generated on a cyclic basis (after a specific time interval, on a particular day of the week, etc.), or triggered by the program (eg. in case of end of production ). Copies of reports are also recorded in history files and can be accessed by other software packages (Excel, Access, etc.)

We also integrate above Data Acquisition Software with Our tailor made IMMS and third party MIS/ERP Solutions